How to be a one-in-a-million recruiter

Someone asked me recently if it’s possible to truly stand out when there are 40,000 recruitment agencies in the UK.

If you’re the same as everyone else, you’re a commodity. So for the sake of your fees (and much more) let’s look at how you can be one-in-a-million, not one of forty thousand.

Before you think about a USP, you need to find your niche. If you’re open to working any role anywhere, you’re competing against everyone.

But if you focus on tech recruitment, for example, you’re now “only” competing against say 5,000 recruiters. Pick a niche within tech recruitment – cyber security – then your target market – banks and insurers.

Good news: there aren’t 40,000 recruitment agencies focused on cyber security roles in financial services. In fact, you can look at your competition and see what they offer.

Now you’re able to think about how you can stand out in your market. And that’s going to help you add more value for your clients – and justify higher fees.