We design interactive pricing workshops to inspire your teams and networks to look at value and negotiation in a new way.

We are experienced in creating innovative and engaging online sessions for remote teams and those working from home.

Recent workshops on pricing and value in B2B services:

TRN Powerplays

The Power of Pricing with Jon Brooks as part of TRN Powerplays

A week-long takeover of TRN Powerplays exploring the ways that recruitment leaders can improve their prices by focusing on value. The Recruitment Network members can view the videos here.

Firefish Crowdcast

A Crowdcast with Matt Jelley from Firefish Software focusing on recruitment pricing in a job-short market. Learn more here.

EMCC Pricing Workshop

An online workshop exploring how executive coaches can apply professional pricing principles to their own business. More information here.

Barclays Eagle Labs Pricing Workshop

Pricing workshop for Barclays Eagle Labs

An interactive pricing workshop for members of Barclays Eagle Labs [redesigned as an online workshop due to COVID-19]. More information and tickets here.

APSCo Recruitment Pricing Workshop

Pricing workshop for APSCo

A pricing workshop for SME recruitment business owners in association with APSCo. More information here.

Good Business Pricing Masterclass

Pricing masterclass for The Good Business Club

A pricing masterclass for business owners and executives in the ‘business for good’ space in South East England. Click here for more information.

Effective pricing strategies roundtable

Pricing workshop for SIA Executive Forum 2019

Hosting a roundtable for recruitment executives on effective pricing strategies, as part of the SIA Executive Forum Europe.