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Helping small businesses price better

Improving your pricing strategy is the most effective way to increase your profits and win more business from clients. For a typical business, a 1% improvement in price creates a 10% increase in profit.

By following the Value Advantage Model, you will be using techniques and strategies that have been proven across a wide range of industries.

Your new approach will give you the foundations to win more business, turn bad business into valuable opportunities, negotiate a fair price, and become a valued partner to your clients.

“The process challenged some of my old ways of thinking. The science behind it is very interesting and I feel more so much more confident”

– Abi, business owner

Why pricing

Pricing is one of the hardest things for business owners to get right, but the impact can be huge.

Many businesses see their prices rise 5-10% when they follow the Value Advantage Model.

“Our revised pricing model transformed the way we did business. It differentiated us from our competitors, it gave confidence to my team and most importantly, it was straightforward to follow

– Neil, director

How the model works

The Value Advantage Model takes the core concepts from our consulting work and distills them into an easy-to-follow guide.

You draft your new pricing model by following the guide, then review it in a one-to-one session with pricing expert Jon Brooks.

Jon will also help you set your prices, talk you through the best way to negotiate, and give you the confidence to talk about your new approach with your clients.

“Jon explained the psychology behind pricing, taught me to be more succinct, and challenged my beliefs in a way that was uncomfortable at first but resulted in a much better outcome”

– Simon, business owner

What you get

You access the experience and knowledge of a top pricing expert in a way that suits you as a small business owner.

You are held accountable for delivering your new approach to pricing, and you get the support to help you get it over the line.

You unlock pricing techniques and strategies that have been proven across a wide range of industries.

You create an approach that puts you ahead of your competition and helps you build stronger relationships with your clients by focusing on what they value.

I feel ready to price in a more nuanced and sophisticated way.

– Anna, business owner 

Get started

We specialise in pricing for recruitment services.

If you own or run a small recruitment consultancy, click here for the Value Advantage Model for recruiters.

If you have any questions about the Value Advantage Model please contact us to find out how we can help you.