The Value Advantage Model for coaches

The Value Advantage Model takes the core concepts from our consulting work and distills them into an easy-to-follow guide

By following the Value Advantage Model, you will be using techniques and strategies that have been proven across a wide range of industries

You can choose one of three services designed specifically for professional coaches:

Our Innovate service guides you through the process of creating a powerful new pricing model

The Enhance service includes advice on how to sell your new model to your clients as well as guidance on how to negotiate effectively

The Optimise service gives you unlimited time to review your model with your pricing expert, plus a training session to give you the confidence to sell your new approach in the best possible way. Once you’ve launched, you get to review how your new model is working and get advice on fine tuning your approach

Value Advantage Model for coaches - services

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Create your new pricing model and review it with your pricing expert



Master your new approach. Build your new pricing model, review it with your pricing expert, and get guidance on selling and negotiating using your new approach



Embed your new approach in everything you do. Build your new pricing model, review it with your pricing expert, get guidance on negotiation and marketing your new approach, get an in-depth training session on selling it to clients, and fine tune your approach with a post-launch review


Not sure which service is right for you? Drop us a line and we can help you choose the service that suits you best

Terms and conditions

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We will do everything we can to find a suitable time to arrange the review and training calls. In the unlikely event that a suitable time can’t be found, you will be offered a full refund. Refunds are at the discretion of The Value Advantage.

The Value Advantage is not liable for the outcome of any changes you make to your business.

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