The Value Advantage Model for recruiters

The Value Advantage Model takes the core concepts from our consulting work with recruiters and distills them into an easy-to-follow guide

By following the Value Advantage Model, you will be using techniques and strategies that have been proven across a wide range of industries

Some of the most progressive recruitment consultancies have applied these techniques and improved their prices by 5% to 10%

You can choose one of three services designed specifically for owners of small recruitment businesses:

Our Innovate service guides you through the process of creating a powerful new pricing model

The Enhance service includes advice on how to negotiate effectively using your new model, as well as a separate team training session to get you ready to talk about your new services with your clients.

The Optimise service gives you and your team more time to review your model with your pricing expert. You also get an extended team training session with role plays to give you the confidence to sell your new approach in the best possible way. Once you’ve launched, you get to review how your new model is working and get advice on fine tuning your approach

Pricing services for SME recruitment consultancies

Ready to Retain

Put yourself in the best position to win and deliver retainers.

With our Ready to Retain service, retainer expert Jon Brooks reviews and improves:

  • your terms of business 
  • rebates, payment terms and retainer definitions
  • your retainer agreement documents
  • and advises you on how to adapt your incentives for retained income

The Ready to Retain service is £599, or £399 if you combine it with one of the Value Advantage Model services above.

In other words, less than the value of your first retainer.

These services are optimised for recruitment agencies with 3-10 employees.

If you run an agency with less than 3 employees or have been trading less than 12 months, click here for services designed for you.

If you have more than 10 employees, or just want to talk about which service is right for you, drop us a line and we will find the best approach for your business.

Terms and conditions

When you purchase a Value Advantage Model service you are agreeing to these terms.

You agree not to share, copy or publish the Value Advantage Model materials and information in any form without permission from The Value Advantage.

We will do everything we can to find a suitable time to arrange the review and training calls. In the unlikely event that a suitable time can’t be found, you will be offered a full refund. Refunds are at the discretion of The Value Advantage.

The Ready to Retain service is a commercial review of your terms and documents, and is designed to support your sales process. It is not legal advice.

The Value Advantage is not liable for the outcome of any changes you make to your business.

Your contact details will only be used for activity related to the Value Advantage Model and Ready to Retain processes.