Win higher fees from clients who value you

Are you confident that you get the best price for your service?

Do you find yourself having to match your competitors to win business?

Do your consultants know what value they add to your clients?

Recruitment agencies have been using the same pricing strategy for decades. And it isn’t working. Clients don’t value our services, discounting on price is the primary way of winning business, and we aren’t treated as an expert partner.

But a revolution is coming.

By understanding the value you create for your clients, building your services to communicate that value, and having an effective approach to negotiation, you can empower your consultants to win better business, agree higher fees, and move away from no-win-no-fee recruitment.

Work with me and you’ll create a recruitment pricing strategy that builds on proven approaches from other industries. Your clients will value your services more, and your business will be more profitable as a result.

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